Wonderful Heaven - 80x240 cm
Wide view in my heart - 110x180 cm
Where I belong - 100x100 cm
Where am I - 60x60 cm
What is on your mind - 80x130 cm
Welcome home - 130x160 cm
Warm ways - 80x130 cm
Waiting for this day - 80x130 cm
Voyage surprise - 100x220 cm
Up to the sky - 130x160 cm (S)
Turn me around - 80x130 cm
Touching soul - 80x130 cm
Together alone - 130x160 cm (S)
Timeless sky - 80x130 cm
Time out of mind - 80x200 cm
Time after Time - 110x180 cm
This fine place of mine - 80x200 cm
Talking to my heart - 100x180 cm
Sun out of nowhere - 80x200 cm
Stille Weite in mir - 100x100 cm - sold
Stille in mir - 60x60 cm
Stille Faszination - 100x220 cm
Still with me - 100x240 cm
Spending time together - 100x220 cm
Someday my peace will come - 100x180 cm
Some kind of love - 130x160 cm
Silence - 60x60 cm
Shine - 100x100 cm
Scene from a nights dream - 100x180 cm
Reflections - 80x130 cm
Place to my soul - 100x100 cm
Open your soul - 100x220 cm
Open your mind - 100x100 cm
Nowhere but here - 130x160 cm (S)
Let yourself go - 100x100 cm
Land of miracles - 80x130 cm
If you go away - 100x180 cm
I only want to be here - 80x200 cm
I guess I found my place - 80x130 cm
Finding freedom - 80x130 cm
Feeling free - 80x200 cm
Everywhere I am - 110x180 cm
Dreaming place - 80x200 cm
Changing times - 80x130 cm
Bring me back home - 80x200 cm
Beeing a part of it - 100x240 cm
All over the sky - 100x180 cm
Wonderful night light - 80x130 cm
A special moment - 80x130 cm
A sensual world - 110x180 cm
A kind of Daydream - 100 x 240 cm